About Fortune CP

Fortune CP Ltd is a leading Renewable Energy company dealing with the design (research and development), manufacture, supply and installation of high quality and innovative solar products and systems both for residential and commercial customers. The company also carries out large projects on a turn-key basis, and operates as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

With its Headquarters in UK, Fortune CP has various offices and distributors in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia, making it easy for customers to access goods and support conveniently.

Some world-class organisations benefit from our energy solutions:- banks, oil companies, governments, telecom companies, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and many more. Benefits include reduction of carbon emissions, electricity cost savings, energy independence.


The company also provides services such as project management, project financing and renewable energy training.

Track Record

Over the years, Fortune CP has supplied, installed and commissioned systems on some prestigious projects world-wide. Browse through our projects for detailed information.

Using our talented engineers in several parts of the world, we can design systems for various applications. We say "If it uses power, then we can apply renewable energy to it". Anyone can sell a solar panel, but providing an innovative energy solution is completely different.

Fortune CP in the Community

Fortune CP believes in giving back to the community. We donate to communities, get involved in sports development, above all we focus on sustainable economic development. If you have a project proposal, and need assistance, please contact us. Email: info@fortunecp.com

We are proud to be associated with a number of community development projects. One of the projects we are involved in at Lobi, Dedza, Malawi in Africa is a solar powered irrigation project for local farmers to grow fruits and vegetables. See the Lobi Fruits and Vegetables (Lobi Veg) website for more. Currently this project is improving local farmers' income, in addition to providing off-grid electricity to teachers, the police, clinics, and small businesses.

Another project we are associated with is Mkokomo. This is an initiative by Word Alive Ministries, a church based in Blantyre Malawi. The project supplies high quality bottled water to hotels and other customers in Malawi.